Tuesday, August 17, 2010

229/365 bronze dammit

This would be funny if it weren't so freaking ridiculous. This ring is bronze. After trying to make the shibuichi ring with the sterling liner and failing, and then trying to solder two pieces of shibuichi together for a ring and failing, I found a little piece of 1/4 inch bronze scrap in my studio. Perfect for the commision I've been working on (and failing at). So I made a ring with it, took all of 15 minutes. Too big. Made this one. Perfect fit but not the best solder job. So I soldered it again (done it 100 times with sterling). I watched the ring PULL APART as I heated it. Crap. I wish it were funny.


  1. I was shown a trick that if you solder rings (particularly the hard to bend variety) in an oval shape instead of a circle one with the solder line on the flat half. When the metal isn't curved one can achieve a better solder. You might already be doing that but I thought I'd mention it. Once soldered then it can be formed on the mandrel. Hope this was helpful!

  2. Hi Rauta! Yes, I do it that way (more out of convenience than because I thought it was the right way). I decided to re-solder after I'd formed it - big mistake! Thank you so much for your comments.