Tuesday, August 10, 2010

222/365 shibuichi problems

I'm having some problems. This ring is a commission for a friend - a plain shibuichi band lined with silver. I soldered the two metals together and then formed the ring. When I start to solder it together the metal starts to expand and separate, as soon as I quench it closes back up. So I suppose binding wire is in order, but I wonder if I'm constructing the ring correctly in the first place. If anyone has any any advice I'd love to hear it!


  1. Well, I'm sure you know most of this, but I thought I'd mention it since I'm not 100% positive. When combining metals I find that sanding the sides that will touch (sticking wet/dry sand paper onto marble or perfectly flat steel with double sided tape works WONDERS). if there is any air gap while heating the expanding will create issues. Binding wire is also great, but can leave pink marks on the silver if no flux is used. Are you soldering it in flat sheets or once they're already formed?

  2. Hello Rauta, thank you so much! I'm quite sure there were gaps between the two metals, I always have a hard time getting sheet perfectly flat. The sandpaper is a great idea. These I soldered together before forming, a friend has since suggested making two separate rings that fit together and then soldering them into one piece. Is that what you would suggest?

  3. I imagine that two soldered rings would increase the expanding problem, but then again I haven't tried it! Good luck ^.^

  4. Thanks! I just looked at your FABULOUS work - you are multi-talented! I am very drawn to altered books and your "Inro in Three" piece is just inspiring. "Mind, Heart, Body" is also wonderful. Love your artist statement as well.

    And for anyone reading comments - check it out!