Sunday, August 1, 2010

213/365 pablo

I made this ring in memory of Pablo, my feline friend for the past fifteen years. When I adopted Pablo I was 26, and we have lived in 5 different homes and 4 cities since then. He was with me for the end of my twenties, through my thirties, and into my early forties.

Earlier this week I drove him to the vet and helped him to sleep for the last time. Digging in the hard Memphis clay was exhausting and so sad and took forever, but I'll miss this blister from the shovel when it's gone.

It's such a difficult thing we must do for our animals, it's only bearable because we know it's right.


  1. I am so sorry Tomi, I know how you feel!
    It is beautiful!

  2. Hardest thing to do. So sorry.

  3. Thanks to you both, he was a great cat and I'm lucky to have had him for so long.