Sunday, July 25, 2010

204&205/365 abu ghraib

204/365, copper

Two silhouette rings made from photos documenting the torture of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison.

Before I actually started sawing the copper sheet for this ring I was thinking about crucifixion
, but now the gesture seems more resolute and graceful, like an actor taking a bow at the final curtain. He appears very dignified to me.

205/365, nickel silver. This one calls to mind the KKK and has a sinister feel.

I see now that when I prepared the digital image before sawing I didn't keep the proportions of the original, so the figure is 'smooshed' from the top. Funny how the camera shows us things.

I think of this image as one of the most iconic photos depicting the atrocities perpetrated by American soldiers, there are electrical wires clipped to the prisoner's fingers.


  1. They 're both very powerful images. Great concept and execution! I find this series very interesting....makes me want to see more!

  2. Very powerful, so interesting!

  3. I agree, these rings are so powerful Tomi...Haunting.