Thursday, July 15, 2010

195/365 ez form

Yesterday I purchased some rectangular brass tubing from the hardware store. Then I drove across the street for gas and found this note of someone's federal tax info, the back has standard deduction and withholding calculations, it looks like this person made $14, 291.00 after taxes (rounding to whole dollars, of course). I guess we'll never know if they chose to donate $3 to the Presidential Election Campaign Fund.


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  2. I love this ring :)
    It's great how a daily experience can inspire a new design.
    I'm intrigued about that man hahaha.
    I'd need this ring for keeping close to me my never ending TO-DO lists!

  3. Thank you all, isn't it funny how some of us assume it was a man who wrote the note? I certainly do.

    Sandra, I am just home from traveling and will send you my interview questions soon, thanks so much.