Saturday, July 3, 2010

175/365 white zircon

There has got to be a faster and better way to make this band style, I really like it, but it may be the last - it took me 35 minutes just to line up the wires. Recycled sterling, natural white zircon.


  1. I suspect it's just a PITA to make, no matter what, which is why I go for this style:

    instead. Still a bit fiddly, but actually possible. Yours is significantly classier, though!

  2. LOVE that, Soph! I see a rad ring in my future! Yours is something that I would wear, this zircon is, as you say, classier. I'm just not that classy!

    I want to find a design I can make for more traditional engagement rings, but I'm not sure this is it!