Monday, January 3, 2011


This month the topic for the EtsyMetal blog carnival is "Resolutions: Personal or business - share what you are planning in 2011."

I have dubbed 2011 The Year of the Stone for many reasons. I will:

1. improve my stone setting skills
2. add more stones to my designs
3. create one ring per week for the year (and that's written in stone)
4. quit drinking alcohol for the month of January (stone cold sober)
5. work out regularly (for muscles as hard as stone)
6. find new wholesale accounts (leaving no stone unturned)
7. spend a minimum of two hours each day on boring production work (nose to the grindstone)

I wish you luck with your own endeavors for 2011! You can follow the links below to see what my EtsyMetal friends have planned for the year:

Inbar Bareket
ES Designs
Catherine Chandler
Jenny Baughman


  1. I have one so far to lose 3 stones, i say it every year with no luck, but im sticking to my guns and going to be really good.

  2. Excellent!! I wish you well on all 7 counts!! Happy 2011 Tomi!!

  3. Eve - that's the one I forgot! Thank you, Ann!

  4. Thought I'd drop by . . . and what a lovely sight that RAD :) GO! GO! GO! on all 8 counts and more! Happy New Year!

    much love my cyber friend, D

  5. We have few of the same resolutions, namely 3, 4, 5, and 6. Great way to look at them!