Thursday, January 20, 2011

featured: antique tussie mussie

made in the United States or England, 1860-80

A beautiful antique piece from the permanent collection of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, you can view a larger image on the museum's web site. From the catalog:

"This flower or posey holder known as a Tussie (knot of flowers) Mussie (moist moss), was a nosegay for formal wear. It might have replaced a fan, especially in the winter season, as a dressy accessory to be carried. The chain, attached to the holder at one end and fitted with a finger ring at the other end, made the ornament more secure when whirling in the waltz. The 'vase' was stuffed with damp moss which kept the flowers fresh, and a silver pin fit across the flaring, filigree leaf and held the flowers in place."

I have always loved nosegays, they were used to mask the overpowering odors of the medieval period.

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