Tuesday, September 21, 2010

264/365 peace

Happy International Day of Peace! Evelyn Markasky suggested that we make rings in honor of the day, this one is sawn from copper sheet.

Maria Apostolou made this lovely silver olive branch ring set with peridot. Maria shared some info from Wikipedia, "In Greek mythology, Zeus was to bestow the newly created city of Athens to the god who provided the most useful gift to humanity. Poseidon cast down a bolt which brought forth from the ground a spring. Athena created the olive tree, and subsequently won. Olive wreaths were worn by brides and awarded to olympic victors. The symbolism of the olive branch was carried on to Ancient Rome, where a defeated army would carry olive branches as a gesture of peace."

And Evelyn's ring, she wrote, "...here is my peace ring, copper stamped with peace in several different languages: la paix, iri'ni, pingan, pokoj, wolakota, shalom, pax, sith, peace, taika. It was very meditative and satisfying doing the stamping. Then I enameled a domed copper disk with several layers of enamel to represent the world and then added a peace symbol with black enamel. Happy Peace Day!"

Lesley Tinnaro says of her Peace Pinwheel, "My kids came home today with 'Peace Pinwheels'. It's a project that their art teacher undertakes ever year on this day. The kids (all 500 or so) make pinwheels with peace signs on them and plant them around the school to help blow the winds of peace around the world."

Kest Schwartzman's ring is entitled A Tooth for a Tooth. Kest wrote, "Maybe today's ring is about peace. Maybe it's not. I don't know. I kept thinking about a Utah Phillips recording of how he became a pacifist- how he kept getting into fights until his mentor type fellow pulled him aside, and told him he was bad at fighting, and he needed to stop, and that the only way to stop was to treat it like an addiction- that he couldn't just stop getting into brawls, he had to outright become a pacifist and never do anything- no matter how small or justifiable- never do anything violent again."

And finally Natalia Gomensoro's street art ring, I love it!


  1. I LOVE this one!!!! Terrific, Thomasin!!!!!!!

  2. Where can i buy the peace sign index finger one?!? They are beautiful!!!

  3. yes, where can you buy the peace ring?!