Thursday, September 16, 2010

259/365 tile mosaic

the courtyard

I have an artist residency at an elementary school coming up, the project will be outdoor tile mosaic. I've never tiled a wall or done mosaic outside, so it's a bit of a learning curve for me. Sadly the principal of the school passed away over the summer, there is a small courtyard garden where we will be installing tile and the space will be dedicated to her.

There will be a small mosaic on the wall at the front door of the school as well. All this will be completed in three weeks, and the art teacher wants to enter the finished installation in the Memphis Beautiful contest - so, no pressure!

Diamond RAD, 259/365, stained glass, concrete paver.

I'm working on tiling pavers with stained glass. I'm using the indirect method: laying out the tiles first and then sticking a piece of contact paper to the top to transfer onto the paver after I trowel the grout on. That worked well for some poured cement pavers I made last week. I'll use the indirect method with the kids as well, although most likely they will glue the tiles face down onto a piece of paper, which I will use to transfer the tile to the wall.

the courtyard

The front door, a mosaic will be installed on the terra cotta colored cement to the right of the door. For both spaces we will probably work on cement backer board and later screw it to the wall.

the neighborhood needs art!

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