Wednesday, September 8, 2010

251/365 cigarette

I quit smoking two years ago today. I went into the studio very sleep-deprived this morning and after this ring was made I realized that I had switched around the metals - I had intended for the filter to be copper and the the paper to be silver. Oops, I guess it's one of those Sobranie Black Russians that I thought made me look cool in high school.

It's also my birthday today, so I made myself a present. The porcelain moon cabochon was made by Lisa Stevens. I think I'm going to swap the chain for a heavier one.


  1. Hah! wrote my FB comment before I came here. It does look like those stupid cigar thingies! Did you smoke something that had fancy colored paper too? I loved the shocking pink ones. Not to inhale - but they made me look so fancy.

    Happy Birthday Tomi. That's a lovely prezzie. Enjoy the day.

  2. Thank you! I wondered if you'd read the post before you left your FB comment. I think all young folks start smoking to look cool - what other incentive is there?

  3. Happy B-DAY!!!

    I keep silently following your new creations and I am continually amazed by your inexhaustible creativity.

    I started smoking bc. of excruciating boredom at my first workplace.

  4. Hi Pal, thank you! Excruciating boredom - I hadn't thought of that.

  5. The necklace is beautiful, the prongs are so even, mine tend to each be a little different. I'll have to keep working on it.