Sunday, July 31, 2011


I'M NOT DEAD! Really. I had pneumonia for a month and narrowly avoided hospitalization. Then my DSL went down for three arduous weeks of AT&T customer service hell (just ask for tier II support right away, you'll be transferred back to the states). Here are some rings, I am very behind.

RAW 19/52
sterling silver and 15ct ruby handcut by me

That's right, I'm cutting stones now and I love it!

RAW 18/52

An experiment with stone chip inlay - ruby and chrysoprase, the ring is made from a vintage clip-on earring

RAW 17/52
sterling silver and Washington State carnelian handcut by me

RAW 16/52
sterling silver and aquamarine handcut by me

RAW 15/52 saltwater pearl and sterling silver

I made this back in May in honor of Miki Endo, the brave young woman who sacrificed her life and saved 7000 lives during the Tsunami in Japan.

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