Sunday, May 30, 2010

149/365 wireless doorbell

wireless doorbell, copper

143-148 pyromania

Maria Apostolou creates rings from botanical forms, and Evelyn Markasky torches food for her RAD pieces, so I decided to torch some botanical forms.

The center of a spent magnolia flower.

The seed pods from some type of mapley-looking tree.

The pods that fell off when I burned them.

A sticky-ball thing from a tree (yeah, I'm pretty sure that's the Latin name).

A bantam chicken egg from one of the hens I kept years ago. Oh wait, that's food. Apparently by the time I got to this ring I had forgotten the theme.

141 & 142/365 model magic

I have fallen woefully behind on my rings!
Next week should be back to normal.

Friday, May 21, 2010

featured: Su Trindle

Su Trindle of Quercus Silver is a very talented lady from the UK who makes fabulous contemporary jewelry with a clean, modern feel. Su completed a wonderful series of alphabet rings made from sterling silver wire, this is by far my favorite series to come out of RAD. Su says, "I wanted to take the letter forms and create a set of modern minimalist rings which are wearable and beautiful in themselves." You can see all of Su's RAD rings here.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

140/365 streetlight glass

I've been collecting glass from streetlights on my walks for a while, I tumbled this piece just enough to remove the sharp edges. The glass is really held in by epoxy and I managed to dent the bezel all over, but I like it anyway.

139/365 model magic

sterling silver and model magic

138/365 model magic

sterling silver and model magic

137/365 model magic

sterling silver and model magic

Monday, May 17, 2010

136/365 hollow form challenge

There was another group challenge for May 16 to make a hollow form ring that included a stone. I tried to make mine for about 4 hours and finally ran out of both patience and time. When it came to attaching the side panels my puny butane torches wouldn't heat the metal sufficiently, even double-fisted. This is my first design, I tried to make a different, smaller one as well. The rings made by the other participants are gorgeous, I hope to post them when I have time, but they are all on flickr in the Ring a Day group, search for hollow.

130-135/365 model magic

I have been super-busy lately, making rings is hard and making the time to photograph is even more difficult. These are made from crayola model magic.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

129/365 yurman and hardy

"Yardy rings, a collaboration by two of the most unoriginal, exploitive, and successful jewelry designers of our century. Made in India and Indonesia for the benefit of the American economy."

I took focal points from David Yurman's rings and put them on John Hardy's shanks. The logo is made up as well and has elements from each.

128/365 water retention

morning bloat ring

Saturday, May 8, 2010

124-127/365 more silver

I have been really busy this week, almost caught up with my rings.
I'm still working on simple designs I that I can recreate in gold.

sterling silver

Monday, May 3, 2010

121-123/365 silver and stones

The plain circle was going to have a 3mm tube set brown zircon added, the tube snapped off while I was setting the stone. The tube with the peridot was soldered too close to the "bezel" frame and I couldn't get the setting tight. Make and learn.

sterling silver, peridot

sterling silver, citrine