Wednesday, March 23, 2011

11/52 regal prong setting

Phew. This one is late because I made the setting three times. I worked on it for four hours on Sunday and then broke it. So I spent three hours remaking it yesterday, forged the band and got it ready to solder, and then couldn't find the setting. ANYWHERE. Surely it's somewhere in the bowels of my studio but I finally gave up looking and remade it today, in about two hours.

The piece is sterling and I think the stone may be lemon quartz or prehnite, but I'm unsure. It has a nice silky look to it. I made the ring with 16 gauge sterling silver sheet and my handsaw, it's the most complicated setting I've made to date and overall I'm pleased with it. I learned a lot and know what I will do differently with the next one.


  1. It is absolutely, positively, seriously gorgeous!!! A lot to be proud of on this one.

    Now that you have remade the setting... you'll probably find it somewhere in your studio...

  2. Ditto Rebecca :-)
    Next time - 1 hour :-)
    Stunning !!!

  3. It's AWESOME I love it, okay you have inspired me to get off my butt and make a prong setting no more slacking, the ring is wonderful the setting is fabulous.

  4. Thank you all! Still haven' found that damn setting. Get going, Nancy!