Sunday, February 21, 2010

52/365 bummer

I am so bummed about this ring. As you can see, I forgot to invert the image before etching. I noticed it when I was at Officemax having the print made, it's a 30 minute round trip drive and I was feeling rushed so I just decided to give it a try. (Of course they could have inverted with their copier, but I didn't think of that while I was there.)

To make things worse, I didn't patina and check the image before making the ring. It actually looked pretty good to my eye, for some stupid unknown reason. You can see what it should look like in the top image of Malcolm, and you can also see that the etch turned out GREAT by comparing it to the bottom image. I know what my ring will be tomorrow.

sterling silver, etched shibuichi

Today is the 45th Anniversary of the assassination of Malcolm X. His life and words are a profound inspiration to me, and I like to believe that if he had lived race relations in this country would be different today.

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