Friday, February 18, 2011

featured: a bunch of RAW rings

Well, I fell off the blog wagon again and landed on my ass. Here are some stellar RAW rings to catch me up.

Frederick Cruz
RAW 6/52

Solidworks 3D rendering."Inspired by a mechanical the one in a camera lens."

Reagan Hayhurst
RAW 5/52

"Why wear 4 rings when you can just wear one really big one! I have seen a few rings this week that span the entire hand. I love the idea, it is very unexpected and always gets a second look."

DDee Wilder
RAW 3/52

Index finger Goatse rings.

RAW 1/52

copper and paint

Carole Zakkour
RAW 3/52

"Sterling and copper stacked saucers - HEAVY!! 47mm x 30mm"

Danielle Miller
RAW 1/52

Marquise Glider. 18k gold, oxidized sterling silver, tourmaline. "The stone setting freely glides back and forth."


  1. Love Danielle's articulated rings! And the Aperture ring... OMG. So wonderful

  2. thanks for featuring my ring here. it's been so much fun so far, but i keep wondering how on earth did you do 365 last year. unbelievable!