Monday, February 1, 2010

my favorites

On the first Monday of each month, some members of EtsyMetal write blog posts around a central theme or question. This month's question is, "What is your favorite ring a day?" I have two favorites of those I have made, a favorite ring and a favorite photo.

My favorite ring is my Bad Girl Button Ring. I like this piece both because it is conceptual in nature, and is the most technically complex work that I have made to date.

When the button is depressed, a steel spike stabs the wearer in the finger. I made a short video demonstrating its use:

I am interested in danger and compulsion, and how the two drive our actions and reactions. This is the second of three rings I have created exploring these ideas, and I plan to take the theme further, incorporating other forms of jewelry in addition to rings. I hope to eventually create a full body of work to submit for exhibition.

I have been working conceptually as an artist for the past 10 years, primarily with fiber, and in recent years mixed materials. Making jewelry is fairly new to me, and my education consists of a 6-week introductory community ed. class taken in 2007. At this point my technical skills have not caught up with my design sensibilities, and I have MUCH to learn and work on to hone my craft.

Ring a Day has been wonderful for me, as I have the freedom to work with ideas, rather than focusing on marketable, ornamental pieces. Of course I always have the option to make conceptual work, but it seems I need a little push now and then, and that's what Ring a Day has given me. It has also given my work a more unique voice, and myself more confidence - as lately I have been painfully aware of how much I have to learn, and how many tools I need to complete some of the ideas in my sketchbook. I want to learn to forge! I need expensive stakes and hammers! A rolling mill, hand engraving tools, to learn chasing and repousse, the list is endless.

My favorite photo is of my kite ring:

I made the ring specifically for the photo, so really the photo is the art. My camera has a fairly wide angle lens which is useful for playing with scale, I had a very clear image of this picture in my mind, and was thrilled when the actual photo mirrored it so perfectly. Here is a more accurate picture of the ring:

I also have many favorites from others participating in Ring a Day, you can view some of them here. I will be adding more as the year goes on. Please visit the other EtsyMetal members blogging on this topic to view their favorite rings and insights:

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  1. tomi i agree with your picks! I had a hard time deciding which one to use button vs kite for my blog carnival :)
    I also loved your beady boy crotch ring, you are too much and I love your sense of humor and talent.
    you rock woman!

    and um, you should stop poking yourself, although that video had me laughing my A** off :D
    thank you!

  2. Thank you so much, Vic! We must duel again soon, you are the BEST!!!