Tuesday, March 20, 2012

a picture that inspires me

Thank goodness for blog carnivals, or  this blog would never be updated! (I hope to change that at some point.) Today we are writing about a picture that inspires us. I am working on a big project, the Secret Sculpture Garden.

About three weeks ago I purchased a vacant residential lot in North Memphis and with the help of some artists friends and neighborhood kids the space will slowly be transformed into a sculpture garden. Pictured above are an old wooden sign that I painted and some of the children involved in the project. The kids have been fantastic and have really taken ownership of the space. We will be making wooden forts, and there is a fence on the property that the children will be painting a mural on, it's their fence - no adults will be allowed to paint there! If you'd like to know what else is happening in the garden you can read about it here.

Please visit the blogs of my creative friends writing on this subject!


  1. the things you do with kids and community are always such an inspiration Tomi! *Ande

  2. Amazing and inspiring Tomi! I hope to visit it one day! ~Kathryn

  3. oh. my.
    such inspiration.
    you are lovely, indeed, for doing this....