Friday, August 26, 2011

six steps

Six steps to an utterly useless shower when you are late for an important appointment:

1. Make sure it slips your mind that you found the terrier sleeping on the only clean bath towel the night before.

2. Upon exiting the shower look all over the house  and confirm that this is the only available towel. I find profanity helpful during this step.

3. Return to the bathroom, close your eyes and dry yourself with the Terrier Towel, breathing forcefully OUT of your mouth - do not inhale!

4. Gaze into the mirror and enjoy your new sexy, fleecy look.

5. Attempt to air-dry any residual moisture so that some of the fur falls off on it's own. If you are really late, move to using paper towels before you are completely dry. As in step 2 profanity can help.

6. When you arrive late for your appointment, take the time to check your look in the restroom and swat away the three white hairs that remain on your neck.

Listen to a woman with experience - don't skip step 6! 
On a positive note, I delivered my rings to The National Ornamental Metal Museum today for my small exhibition that opens next week! I'm so excited!

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