Monday, March 1, 2010

kickstart creativity

On the first Monday of each month some members of EtsyMetal write blog posts around a central theme or question. This month's topic is,

Twenty Things to Do to Kickstart Creativity

1. join the Ring a Day project

2. sketch

3. take walks

4. look at other work

fall in love
6. go in the studio and sit down for 10 minutes
avoid looking at other work
8. challenge yourself to do something consistently - daily, weekly, or monthly
9. organize a group of local metalsmiths/artists for regular meetings

10. buy a new metalsmithing book or video

11. take a break from the studio and don't think about it

12. meditate

13. forget about metal for a while and make mailart

14. break up with someone

15. start a challenge/swap with other metalsmithing/artist friends

16. research new techniques online or at the local library

17. sketch some more

18. take a class or workshop

19. give yourself some parameters (use only found materials, make a piece in 30 minutes, etc)

20. look for exhibitions with calls to artists and design something specific, here are some links:

exhibition calls on the SNAG web site:

the Klimt02 whiteboard lists various opportunities:

Metalinclinations is an annual show, deadline 6/30/2010:

ArtDeadlines features ongoing calls for various media:

Susan Sarantos lists design competitions on her Metalcyberspace site:

Susan also posts upcoming exhibition deadlines to the Metalcyberspace blog:

Lark Books regularly posts artist calls for their publications:

Please visit the other EtsyMetal members blogging on this topic to view their twenty suggestions:

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  1. i enjoyed reading your list Tomi, I am going to do this exercise for myself....and post it in my studio :)

  2. Loved your list. #7 is really important for me. Sometimes when you're struggling with ideas, it seems counter-productive to creativity to avoid browsing other people's work - but it helps oh so much to stay away. ;)

  3. as shocking as 14 sounds to put on the list, it is oh so true. nothing like emotional fuel to get creative!

  4. I like no.8, that definitely works. Thanks for the links too, theres some new ones there for me.

  5. Fantastic suggestions! Especially giving yourself parameters :)